+400 prints guaranteed with our All Inclusive Deluxe Package 4 hour hire'* !!!

Photo Booth Hire Package & Prices

Classic Package

    •  Not Available


    • Standard package that everyone offers.
    • One print per group
    • Small prints

    We only offer the best >>>>>

Premium Package

    •  Not Available


    • Same package that everyone offers.
    • One print per group
    • Small prints
    • Plus a scrapbook and digital copy

    We only offer the best >>>>>

All Inclusive Deluxe Package

  • Unlimited Prints
    Unlimited uses for the chosen package time.
  • 100 PRINTS per hour GUARANTEED
    100 photos printed and framed every hour! The best value for money ever!
  • Incredible Value
    Yes! We actually print 100 photos every hour! Guaranteed!
    This is equivalent to 3 or 4 normal booths operating at your event.
  • Multiple Prints
    Everyone in the picture gets a photo. 8 in the picture? We print and frame 8 copies!
  • Print Size
    Full size 6×4 inch photos for everyone in every photo.
  • Black Backdrop
    Optional background design.
  • Green Screen
    Enables us to change the background of your photo.
  • 100 Photo Designs
    Choose from our fun colourful designs, sports cars, animals, cityscapes, VIP magazine & more. You can also take advantage of plain portraits or group photos.
  • A5 Frames
    Every photo taken is framed on an A5 card mount.
  • Personalised Photos
    You can have your event date and a message on special designs.
  • Facebook Upload
    All your photos uploaded to our Facebook page for you to share.
  • Digital Copy
    A copy of all your pics to share and print as you wish.
  • Video Messages
    Your guests can leave HD video messages for you to treasure.
  • Props
    Including gangster hats, cool heart sunglasses, mini white board for messages, moustaches & lips on a stick.
  • Booth In Your Hand
    Take your camera with you during your party or event, snap 20 favourite photos of your own, once you’re done, we’ll print them! A fantastic added extra
  • Expert Team
    Amazing photos created by an expert team. Why take a Cd player to a party when you can hire a DJ?
  • Large Capacity
    We have had groups of 25 guests in one photo. Literally fun for the whole family.
  • Scrapbook
    An extra set of photos in a ribbon tied scrapbook for the host.
  • Get in touch for prices
  • Check your date for availability


Tip Number 1 - Quantity

The most used term in photo booth hire is ‘Unlimited Prints’.

But the service is still limited to the number of groups a booth can have through in any given hour. Usually one group every couple of minutes give or take.

What you are looking for is ‘Multiple Prints’

That’s when there is a group of 5 guests for example, you can get a print for each person. This really tests your photo booth hire company for what they are willing to provide for you.

Having multiple prints means 4 or 5 times the number of prints for the duration. Now thats better value for money!

Tip Number 2 - Quality

Always ask to see photos from an actual photo booth hire event. Don’t rely on stock photos from a website alone.

Look at how many people are in the photos. Can you have big groups to allow for a big family photo?

Can you see everyone? Seems obvious but you will be surprised how many people are not positioned properly.

How clear are the pictures? Hidden faces are a good indication of poor expertise.

What size are the photos? Do you get a full 6x4inch photo, each mounted on a card frame?

Tip Number 3 - Expertise

Don’t assume that all photo booths are created equal.

Choose the best qualified team to operate at your event. You can ask what professional photography experience they can provide.

What software and equipment do they use and can they adapt in a variety of situations?

You can ask to see testimonials from previous clients. Who better to ask than someone that has actually seen the service first hand?

Finally, if you want the best company for the job ask why they are the best and what they can provide that no one else can.

The 100 print per HOUR GUARANTEE

  • 100 prints per HOUR GUARANTEED
  • Every Hour
  • 4 or 5 times more prints
  • Prints framed on an A5 mount
  • Best service in the UK by far

The 100 print per HOUR GUARANTEE

We print 100 prints per HOUR – EVERY HOUR!

Lets look at this amazing value.
For a four hour hire period you can achieve over 400 prints. We offer the best value for money and quality of photos than anyone!

Even after that no one offers our great photos created by our experts! Just check out our gallery to compare.

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