Photo Booth Hire

All Inclusive Photo Booth Hire Package

Our photo booth hire package is an all inclusive service and is undoubtedly the best value for money. We offer an amazing servicewhich cannot be compared to anyone else. We print the best quality and quantity of photos and we use an expert team to create your prints. All at the best price.
Have a look below at our photo booth hire package then get in touch with your event details for a quote.

Our green screen enables us to professionally edit the background and insert your image into any of our fun photo designs. We have fun colourful designs, sports cars, animals, cityscapes, VIP magazine & more. You can also take advantage of plain portraits or group photos. To see our expert photo examples check out our Facebook page.

We have fun props including gangster hats and cool heart sunglasses, moustaches & hats on a stick. We have a mini white board to write funny messages too. On top of that we have our photo designs, I guess you can say our props also include Ferrari’s, Meerkat’s, Hollywood & New York.

Every photo printed is a full size 6×4 inch photo and is framed on an A5 photo mount

Dont get confused with the term unlimited photos. The photo booth hire standard is to print one sheet per use of a booth. This means you get either one 6×4 inch photo or a strip of passport photos between everyone in the photo. By doing this unlimited times that’s called ‘unlimited photos’.

We print a 6×4 inch photo per person every time, ten people in a picture will get ten prints, all framed on an A5 mount, and the same for the next group. We print multiple prints!

The standard of printing one photo per group and another in a scrapbook is 2 sets of photos. With us, if there is ten people in every picture we print ten sets! Plus an extra set for a scrapbook. Please ask other companies what they charge for another set of photos and you will see the value of our service.

In addition to that we will print 20 of your own photos from your camera – The Booth In Your Hand. Capturing and printing in the momentphotos is another added free gift from us.

Hire the experts.

We have a professional team to produce your prints. Our services are similar to those used for high profile events by paparazzi and event teams worldwide. No one else can offer you this level of expertise – and all at a great price.
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