Who is UK-Photo-Booth.co.uk?

A. We are professional green screen photographers who operate at promotions and events for large corporate clients.

By seeing the quantity and quality of what photo booth companies offer we realised that we can vastly improve on what was already there so decided to offer our services as a photo booth for weddings and parties too.  We are the next generation of photo booths.

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How many prints do I get?

A. When you choose a package with the 100 Print Per Hour Guarantee* we can print over 100 prints every hour for the hire duration. Hire us for 4 hours and we can print over 400 photos!


What’s the 100 Print per hour Guarantee*?

A. In plain English, If we have a constant flow of participants we can print over 100 photos every hour. All the participant’s photos are full 6×4 inch in size and they are all framed on an A5 card mount. We give you the most for your money.


What does ‘Unlimited Prints’ mean?

A. Unlimited prints is the most over used term in photo booth hire services. This means that for the duration of the hire period you can use the booth one group after another with no apparent restrictions. Don’t be deluded into thinking that this is a bottomless pit of photos to grab as many as you can (The Crystal Maze dome comes to mind). There is only a limited number of uses a booth can achieve.

Number of prints = Number of groups through a booth x 1. For example – 75 groups = 75 prints.

What is ‘Multiple Prints’?

A. Our better packages include this. This means that you receive a print per person per group. That’s a print per person for everyone in every photo. Plus we offer an extra print per group over and above that in a scrapbook for the host.

Your number of prints = Number of groups x  Number of guests in any one group + 1 set in a scrapbook. For example – 75 groups with 5 per group plus a set of 75 in a scrapbook = 450 prints. Better value, we think you will agree.

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Is an open or closed booth better?

A. Neither is the answer. We have seen good photos from closed booths and from open booths. It really depends on the expertise of the photo booth team and equipment. We operate an open booth with professional photographer to capture the moment and a Photoshop expert to edit your photo. All with the best equipment and software.

You can have good software and poor lighting resulting in a bad service, or you can have good photography and poor software/setup and have bad service also. If  all aspects are great and operate in a professional set up with an expert to run it, you receive an excellent product.

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Is the booth manned?

A. Yes, we have a two person team to run the service. A trained photographer will take your photos. To ensure quality we manually check lighting, exposure etc. To create great group photos we position you to make sure we can see everyone’s happy face. We give you ideas for the photo design, help you choose a backdrop and have the right props. In addition we will encourage a natural smile and above all create a fun and interactive experience. All of which are lost in a closed DIY booth.

Our Photoshop expert will edit our professional photo designs – not possible with automated software. Advantages include being able to adapt to our clients needs and provide a better quality product.


What backgrounds do you have?

A. We can have you in London, New York  to Sydney. Have you photo with meerkats or big cats. We have professionally edited designs like having a mini person in the palm of your hand, funny faces and your head on another’s body. In total we have over 100 photo designs to choose from.

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What size of photos do I get?

A. We print full size 6×4 inch photo. Every photo we give to a guest is framed on an A5 card mount. If you choose a package with multiple prints we give a framed photo to every guest in every photo.


What are the dimensions?

A. In meters 3.5 Wide x 1.5 Deep x 2.0 High. These are the physical measurements. Ideally we would have a 3.5m x3.5m area to work in. Don’t worry though, we can fit into any space given notice. The more space you can provide the easier it will be for your guests.

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What is the capacity?

A. We can accommodate large groups. Our set-up allows us to take large family photos or groups of friends. We can fit around 20-30 people in at a time. By having a professional team and set up allows us to adapt to our clients needs. A huge advantage of hiring us.


What does it look like?

A. Our set-up is a sleek chrome pole system with integrated LED lighting with built in computer and print area. As professionals in the industry we designed it ourselves to create a versatile green screen photo studio. Using professional equipment and team members we can deliver the best service.

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Is an open booth not a cheap version of a closed booth?

A. Some may well be. But not ours.  You can get cheap popup closed booths as well as cheap popup open booths.

We have created a bespoke set-up. As professionals we saw that there was nothing good enough out there off the shelves so we designed the perfect set-up ourselves.  Designed by  the best using the best equipment and software is not cheap. Our photo designs are unique. Our prints are all framed. We have top of the range cameras and bespoke lighting. We invest in our team with training programmes and good wages.

Everything we do has quality in mind.

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Are you the best photo booth hire company?

A. Yes. We offer the best quality and quantity of photos. We are professionals in the industry and no one can beat us on service and value for money.

*Terms and conditions apply. To view click here.