Terms & Conditons

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change prices, descriptions, modify, or substitute products without notice.

Prices include travel within 45 miles of Glasgow G1 2FF. £0.50 per mile is chargeable thereafter starting at a minimum of £5.

By using our services you agree to the following: We can use any photo taken for promotional and advertising purposes. You accept that images may be posted publicly on social media and our website and you consent to the same. You will inform any third party using our services of the same and will take on any and all responsibility associated  with these conditions and any following terms and conditions.

The 100 print per hour guarantee Terms and conditions.
We guarantee 100 prints per hour, our guarantee is void and withdrawn if:
We are unable to start at the agreed time by means out with our control.
We are unable to finish at agreed time by means out with our control.
There are insufficient number of guests to participate, ie we need a constant flow of guests willing to have their photo taken to deliver 100 prints per hour. In addition, if the average number of guests per picture falls below 4 for an hour period within the hire time.
If we are idol for any time during the hire period.
Any of our requirements are not met.
Terms and conditions continued.
If there is an hour(s) where we have not met our obligation of 100 prints per hour we will calculate an average prints per hour for the entire hire period. If this is 100 prints or over we have met our guarantee.
If we have failed to reach an average of 100 prints per hour we can, within reason, extend the operating times to make up any shortfall in number of prints.
If we have failed to produce and average of 100 prints per hour the client will be refunded a percentage of their payment.  For example, If we are hired for four hours and we print 99 photos each and every hour, the total number of prints is 396 so therefore there is one non qualifying hour and three qualifying hours. This non qualifying hour will be refunded as a percentage equating to number of missed print in that hour..
100 prints per hour is an average for the hire period and includes any prints for the scrapbook, and edited or unedited photos.
Video messages require a quiet area for our setup for good sound quality. Video messages take away from hire period regarding our print guarantee.
Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with health and safety. Drunk / Disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse services and remove equipment and members of our staff from the venue if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider the environment to be unsafe, for staff and/or equipment. Where this is the case we shall have no obligation to refund you for lost services or any other loss or expense incurred.

We reserve the right and you hereby authorise us to invoice you for any damage incurred to our equipment or personal belongings during our visit. This includes without limitation to set-up, take down or during the agreed times of operation. And you hereby agree to pay said invoice on time.
Requirements for hire: 3.5m wall space, Clearance for photographer, Double mains plug socket, Set up access 2 hours before start, Take down access at finish time, Table for collecting photos, Our setup is either an L shape 3.5m by 1.5m or a 3.5m cube. Height 2.4m. The backdrop will be either black or green depending on the package you choose.

Payment is due in full four weeks before the event date. Deposits are non refundable. We reserve the right to cancel services at any time with no prior notice.
If we cancel our agreement then a full refund will be given.



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